Favorite Children’s Books

Everyone has those books that they couldn’t get enough of as a kid. Here are a few books that I loved to read when I was younger!

Goodnight Moon1830941

I’m certain that Goodnight Moon has been and always will be a staple in everyone’s childhood. I have no idea what it is exactly that makes this book such a classic, but my mom would read this book to me and my sister all the time, and we ate it up every time; we couldn’t get enough of it.

The Very Hungry CaterpillarHungryCaterpillar

This is of course another classic to add to the bookshelf. I would read this book every day when I was in first grade! This book is so much fun to read, and the paintings are unique and entertaining to look at. I will definitely be reading this book to my future kids.

The Magic Tree House SeriesMTH_01_DinosBeforeDark

This series was so innovative and imaginative and just an overall fun read. I would rent these books out from my school library and exchange them out weekly for the next installment. I made my dad read one of the books once because I couldn’t get over how amazing it was (Titanic on Tuesday, to be specific). All of my friends loved this series, too, so it was a lot of fun to talk about it with them! It was always a blast to join Jack and Annie on their next adventure.

What are some of your favorite children’s books? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Children’s Books

  1. I can’t tell you how many times I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar when I learned to read! The Boxcar Children was a huge hit in my elementary school. We had to read the first book for class in 3rd grade.


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