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“Yes Please” — Amy Poehler

I just recently finished Amy Poehler’s book, and I was already laughing hysterically at page two. Her writing is clever and sincere, and everything she wrote was true to her comedic style. The book is part advice column, part memoir, part essay, and part scrapbook; all of these elements come together to create an amazing book.

“Let’s call this book what it really is: an obvious money grab to support my online shopping addiction.” (pg. xvii)

img_1259Poehler’s book is divided into three main sections: Say Whatever You Want, Do Whatever You Like, Be Whoever You Are. Each part includes a compilation of stories about her childhood, her journey to stardom, her SNL days, her close friends, her two sons, her desire to think like she’s 90, her first encounter with Justin Timberlake, and everything in-between.

The advice is timeless, and the stories are compelling. I think Amy Poehler takes a refreshing look at life and helps readers to gain perspective on their own. I love the way she talks about her experiences: honest and unapologetic. She expresses regrets as easily as she speaks about her accomplishments. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of laughing hysterically and learning some grade-A life advice.


6 thoughts on ““Yes Please” — Amy Poehler

  1. This sounds like the perfect audiobook to listen to next! Have you read Tina Fey’s Bossypants? I did the audiobook of that one a few years back and it was really good, you should check it out if you haven’t read it yet. Especially since you like Amy Poehler’s.


      1. I’ve been battling with myself, trying to decide if I should give this book a read or not! Every time I go to B&N I sneak over to read a page or two. I’ve never read a celebrity autobiography but I’m excited to go pick it up after reading your post. I love Poehler so what could go wrong!

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  2. I love Amy Poehler! Ever since I saw her in Parks & Recreation I’ve loved her sense of humor. She’s got a unique brand of comedy and manages to intertwine life advice into so many of her punch lines. I’ll definitely have to add this to my reading list!


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