Classic · Fiction

“Emma” — Jane Austen

I feel like this is one of Jane Austen’s lesser-known novels, but I have to say that Emma is my favorite from her so far (still three novels to go). The story centers around a wealthy girl, Emma Woodhouse, who adores playing match-maker even though she has no interest in love for herself. Emma tries to set up… Continue reading “Emma” — Jane Austen

Funny · Modern · Non-Fiction

“Yes Please” — Amy Poehler

I just recently finished Amy Poehler’s book, and I was already laughing hysterically at page two. Her writing is clever and sincere, and everything she wrote was true to her comedic style. The book is part advice column, part memoir, part essay, and part scrapbook; all of these elements come together to create an amazing book.… Continue reading “Yes Please” — Amy Poehler